Our teams are equipped with the latest electromagnetic line locating and ground penetrating radar technology, ready to travel anywhere in Western Australia to respond to our clients’ needs


The key to efficient, accurate subsurface utility location is arriving on site properly briefed and informed, with the right equipment. Subtera utilises a cloud based scheduling system which enables our teams to have all the plans required for the job onsite. All the records pertaining to your job are archived and are always on hand for immediate retrieval.

Location Targets

There are a broad range of services and utilities that may be present underground on site, consisting of different materials and coatings. Our subsurface location equipment is designed to detect and locate the entire spectrum of underground services in Perth. READ MORE

  • Copper and fibre communication cables
  • Electrical cables
  • Gas and water pipes
  • Security and fire systems
  • Conduits within concrete slabs

Industry Standard Quality Levels

Even the most experienced engineers, planners, developers and construction supervisors are often unaware that there are four levels of classification for Subsurface Utility Information (SUI AS 5488-2013) under Australian Standards.

When asking for a quote from Subtera, the most effective way is to determine which of these four quality levels best applies to the project, and nominate it on your quote request.

Subsurface Location Equipment

Subtera utilises two different kinds of non-destructive underground service location equipment (Ground Penetrating Radar and Electromagnetic Line Locators), using both on-site as a cross-referencing mechanism to ensure accuracy. Subtera maintains strong relationships with technology providers such as Radiodetection and Mala, to ensure that we can offer state of the art equipment tuned precisely to our clients’ needs. READ MORE

Concrete Scanning

Concrete can be a difficult medium to work with, as different slab constructions and thicknesses of it can distort the signals of the equipment and provide confusing results.

Our concrete scanning equipment can identify problems in concrete such as rebar deformation and voids, but in general the Subtera concrete scanning teams are searching for services embedded in the concrete for clients planning to core through it without affecting utilities or structural integrity. READ MORE